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Value Loyalty Above All Else.
:lol::lol: красава. и за Криску и за Нилку одновременно :vict:

David Tennant gave a nod to the man who inspired his stage name during the first episode of Sky 1's new entertainment show "Bring The Noise tonight".David and his teammates Katherine Ryan and Tinie Tempah reproduced the classic Pet Shop Boys hit West End Girls during a head-to-head musical battle against rival team, Nicole Scherzinger, Martin Kemp and Joel Dommett. At the start of his acting career, David famously found his stage name by browsing through a copy of pop magazine Smash Hits and settled on the name of Tennant after the Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil.In the performance tonight David, in the role of the notoriously stony-faced keyboardist Chris Lowe, shared vocals with Tinie Tempah, while Katherine provided the instrumental breaks.

Posted by Being Pet Shop Boys on 22 октября 2015 г.


@темы: Здесь были Буся и Зая, video, handsome guys, Great people, Great Britain

2015-10-23 в 15:10 

Forever in love, were you ever in love?
так это его не настоящая фамилия?? фу жара :lol:

2015-10-23 в 15:52 

Value Loyalty Above All Else.
ten-nil, неа. он Нилкину фамилию взял. Настоящая Макдональд.

ржачная реприза! :lol::lol::lol:

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